Tourist attractions in the vicinity

There are a number of tourist attractions in the area. Please note that most of these attractions require a car to be reached easily. Public transport may be possible but please ask us regarding directions.


Map: Distance from Pension Ringo Jam to Shin-etsu Nature Reserve tourist area


Madarao Kogen

* Nozomiko, a 25m transparent lake   (5 minutes drive)


* Panoramic view of Mt. Madarao (50 minutes walk)

* Madarao Kogen Picture Book Museum (5 minutes drive)

* Madarao Kogen Japanese paper light studio and gallery (3 minutes walk)

Nakano City

* Ippongi Rose Park (35 minutes drive)

* Obuse (40 minutes drive)

Iiyama City

* Takahashi Mayumi Doll Museum (15 minutes drive)

* Teramachi in Iiyama City (15 minutes to destination, walking trip around Teramachi app. 4 hours)
* Kosuge shrine (One of the 3 most sacred places in North Shinshu region)     (25-30 minutes drive)


Nagano City

* Zenkoji Temple (40 minutes)

* Togakushi : Kids Ninja Village (40 minutes drive) , Togakushi Shrine - inner cosmos of eternity (40 minutes drive, 60 minutes walk), Kagami-ike Pond (45 minutes drive)

Suzaka City

The town famous for old warehouses and sweets

* Folk Doll Museum (40 minutes drive)

* Suzaka Hanga (Graphic Arts) Museum (35 minutes drive)

* Garyu Park – popular cherry blossom sight  (60 minutes drive)

Shinano Town

Shinanodaira Kurohime Plateau - paradise of Moss pholx in spring, snow hydrangea in summer and Cosmos and Dahlia in autumn (30 minutes drive)

* Kurohime Fairy Tale Museum (30 minutes drive)
* Naumann Elephant Museum (25 minutes drive)
* Kobayashi Issa Museum (25 minutes drive)
* Lake Nojiri (20 minutes drive)

Yamanouchi Town

* Jigokudani Yaen-koen (Jigokudani Monkey Park) (Walk 30 minutes to 40 minutes from Kambayashi Onsen car park)

Snow Monkeys Madarao Kogen

Sakae Village

* International Picture letter time capsule Museum (50 minutes drive)

Nozawa Onsen Village

* Rustic hot spring village

* 13 Sotoyu (13 public baths)  (around 1 hour + bathing time)

Sakae Village

* International Picture letter time capsule Museum (50 minutes drive)

Myoko City (Niigata Prefecture)

* Myokokogen (30 minutes drive)
* Naena Waterfall (30 minutes drive)
* Sasagamine Pasture (60 minutes drive)
* Imori (Newt) Pond (30 minutes drive)

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